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Houston’s Wards – The original Houston neighborhoods.

January 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Have you checked out Midtown or Downtown Houston lately? If you haven’t then you should. While in the past Houston has trailed behind other cities in its urban renewal the scene in both Midtown and Downtown is vibrant and growing. Today many living in the far expanses of Houston are realizing what inner-loop “early adopters” have known for a long time; living in Houston’s Wards can be downright rewarding! It has been within the last ten years that Houstonians have started to realize the value of Houston’s inner loop real estate. In the face of an “empty nest” and longer commute times many are more than willing to “give up” the big back yard and 5,000 square foot house. (Truth be known, you can definitely find a 5,000 square foot house inside the loop if you so desire.)

Houston was originally laid out in a residential pattern known as Wards. The modern equivalent in Houston would be a super-neighborhood. For the majority of Houstonians the ward classification system would only became familiar by means of sensationalism and crime reports. In the 1970’s on through the 90’s the Houston real estate demands were focused on the Suburbs and some argue that these types of reports in the popular media only served to increase suburban growth. Today because of expansion and development many looking for Houston real estate would be hard pressed to locate the various Houston wards on a map.

Here is a brief description of each Houston ward and what makes it special.

The First Ward is northwest of the downtown central business district. It was located in what we now know today as the Heights. Bounded on the east by North Main and on the south diagonally extending from the central business district out to the northwest.

The Second Ward included the waterfront and housing that extended east of Main and the central business district along the south bank of the Buffalo Bayou.

 The vast expanse known as the Third Ward is no stranger to change. The Third Ward has been home to many influential Houston neighborhoods. While the boundaries have changed over the years due to freeway construction, it starts south of Congress and east of Main Street. A portion of the Third Ward is now known as Midtown. Major landmarks include the University of Houston.

The Fourth Ward is located west of Main Street and south of the Buffalo Bayou. It is commonly known as Freedman’s Town as it was the first area of investment by African Americans in post civil war Houston. Fourth Ward has experienced a development boom that has resulted in new homes and town homes on its once vast expanse of vacant lots. The Fourth Ward has received considerable media coverage in the past based on the topic of its future direction as a community. The Fourth Ward contains many historical elements including original cobble-stone streets laid by its founders. Presently efforts are underway to restore these historical and significant elements to their former condition.

Fifth Ward is the northeast quadrant of Houston to the Buffalo Bayou and east of Little White Bayou close to Main Street.

The Sixth Ward is located on the north bank of the Buffalo Bayou, right below the First Ward. The Sixth Ward is commonly referred to as “Old Sixth Ward” when mentioned in the media or by its inhabitants. So if you are in driving mode then you’ll find yourself on Washington Avenue or Memorial.

Much of the attraction to moving your residence in one of the wards is more culture and better than that is to live right in the midst of it. Can I say location, location, location! Imagine, walk out of your house and in a few steps your at the Museum of Fine Arts. How about the Houston Zoo? Living in the Montrose or the Medical Center has proven to be profitable…no commute! Next Weekend when you want to go for a drive pick one of Houston’s six wards to explore! Who knows you might find residence there if you’re not an Urbanite already!

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